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What is an off-market sale?

An off-market sale is often used to describe a property that has been sold privately by Fusion Realty, without any public advertising. What this means for homeowners is that they are presented with an acceptable offer and agree to sell off-market without promoting the fact that their property is for sale.
A lot of homeowners choosing to use an off-market sale method, may have problems with their neighbours or some family members, being to nosy about their situation, such as financial stress, divorce or even a deceased estate; regardless of the reason however most people have one thing in common they need the sale to take place urgently so they can take care of higher priority things in their lives.

What are the advantages of an off-market sale?

For a buyer:

The vendor will be more likely to accept your offer due to their situation

For the vendor:

A quick sale if priced well.
Usually sold with more terms and conditions which can make the sale process faster, e.g. shorter or no cooling off periods, settlement periods may be shorter or larger deposits may be required.
A cheaper cost since there is no advertising campaign; simply using the agents database

What are the disadvantages of an off-market sale?

A lot of homeowners are against this method for various reasons, due to the “what if?” factor.
There is no sales campaign to get as many eyes onto the property as possible to sell to the highest offering property buyer per say.
Some homeowners are put off by the fact that since it is not on the market, they may be leavings some red-hot buyers for their property who do not know about the sale since it is off-market. For more information call Graeme on 0411380312 to discuss.

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