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Realty FAQ Pages

frequently asked questions

We have attempted to break down our frequently asked questions by topic, category.
Please note if you don't find your answer in the category you are looking under, you may find it in another FAQ or elsewhere on this website. Of course if you don't find your answer to your real estate related question; Contact Us.

Our Company FAQ

This information is useful for both Property Owners, Investors, Tenants and others alike.

If you are looking for an answer directly from us, please check here first.

Buying Property FAQ

The information given here is mainly aimed at, property investors, property developers, property owners looking again, first home buyers or those of you who are merely considering your future in the property market

Selling Property FAQ

The information given here is mainly aimed at, property owners considering selling, property investors, property developers, those of you considering your a future as an investor or developer.

Renting & Tenants FAQ

The information given here is in regards to renting properties for current or potential tenants of Fusion Realty. Many of the most common questions regarding renting and leasing agreement rights as well as obligations are here

Leasing Application FAQ

This information is aimed at new potential tenants wishing to understand the lease application process for desired rental property, appointment process, or similar information

Other Agents FAQ

The information given here is aimed at other agents either Real Estate or Strata Mangers for making enquiries about our tenants or other matters that involve joint co-operation.

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