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Lease Application Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get an application form?

A: Application forms are only handed out during the open for inspections or at an arranged property inspection appointment at other times. They are not available online or by any other method.

Please send your completed applications using one of two methods:

  1. Scan and email
    If you choose to send email and particularly an email from a cell phone Fusion Realty will not be held responsible for declining your application due to the poor quality of attachments in your email. We would suggest that you scan your documents using a scanning device attached to a computer then save your scanned documents to your phone and then send an email from your phone if you have no other means to send an email. The email address for applications is located on the back side of your application form
  2. By Fax to (02) 8880 7656

No applications received in person at the office
Due to the nature of our business and the advent of modern technology our office is often unattended. We welcome all visitors to our office by appointments. This means if you turn up without an appointment we may refused to see you as we are assisting those who have made appointments.

Q: How long does it take to check my residential tenancy application?

A: Residential tenant applicants who have inspected properties that have been open on a Saturday will have their applications checked from 12pm on the first business day from the weekend, normally a Monday. Naturally if complete applications are received earlier they may be checked earlier. 12pm is the cut off.

Q: My application has been accepted what happens now?

A: When your application has been accepted you will be required to pay a deposit which is one weeks rent. The deposit secures the property and prevents the landlord from accepting another tenant. Once you have paid the deposit should you change your mind and not proceed with the lease agreement you will lose the paid deposit to the landlord. This happens because the landlord may have declined other tenants in your favour and may need to re-advertise the property meaning the property remains vacant for longer period than if you were to proceed with the lease agreement. The deposit comes off the total amount payable which is 6 weeks.

Only when your application has been successful you will be asked to pay a deposit into the Fusion Realty Trust Account. The Deposit is one week’s rent and comes off the total amount owing. Once you pay a deposit when your application has been successful if you change your mind you may lose the deposit as we may have turned other applicants away in your favour.

Bank account details are: 'St George Bank'

Name: 'Fusion Realty Trust Account'

BSB: '112-879'

Account Number: '029063689'

Please use your: cell phone number as the reference ~ Thank You.

If you have any queries regarding the property or your application please call (02) 8880 7655


Prior to us preparing your lease preparation and before you attend your lease agreement appointment go to the "Pre-lease" page to better understand the lease completion process that you will be authorising with your signature. These daft documents will be referred to in the lease guide video.

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