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Property Management Services

Choose a Property Management Services Package below or call 0411380312 for immediate landlord help.

All property management packages and real estate fees for services are negotiable.

  • Professional Landlord Service
  • Risk Free Trail Of Our Services
  • Full Service Real Estate Property Management
  • Suitable for all landlords, non resident, busy professionals, and with more than three properties
  • Advertising advantage applies
  • Free Tribunal Representation
  • Enquire Now
  • Standard Landlord Service
  • Risk Free Trail Of Our Services
  • Pick and choose what property management services you require
  • Suitable for landlords who may require more of a day to day hands on approach for their property
  • Pay for individual ads as needed
  • Represent yourself in the tribunal
  • Enquire Now

Property Management Package Details

Legend:    = Click For More Info. = Included. = Negotiable. = Not Included or Not Available. * = Point Of Difference.

Available Service More Info? Professional Premium Standard
Advertising Advantage Package ? Yes Yes Neg
Advertising Preparation & Pictures ? Yes Yes Neg
Automatic Lease Renewals ? Yes Yes Yes
Automatic Rent Reviews & Increases ? Yes Yes Yes
Bill Payment Service As Instructed ? Yes Neg Not
Collection Of Rent Monitoring Arrears ? Yes Yes Yes
Court Appearance Fees ? Yes Neg Neg
* Dedicated Landlord Hotline ? Yes Yes Not
End Of Month Itemised Statement ? Yes Yes Yes
Extraordinary Customised Services ? Neg Neg Neg
Expenditure & Income Report ? Yes Yes Yes
* Flexible Payment Methods ? Yes Neg Not
* Hassle Free Property Repairs ? Yes Yes Neg
Lease Preparation Fee Discount ? Yes Yes Not
* Mature Aged Property Manager ? Yes Yes Yes
NCAT Appearance Fees ? Yes Neg Not
NCAT Hearing Preparation Fees ? Yes Neg Not
* Online Landlord Resource Tools ? Yes Yes Yes
Processing Insurance Claims ? Yes Yes Not
Property Inspections ? Yes Yes Yes
* Strata Management Meeting Appearance ? Neg Neg Not
Tenant Selection Application Checking ? Yes Yes Yes

Disclaimer: This is only a guide to Fusion Realty's services; some property management services may vary due to circumstances or other unknown reasons which may prevent Fusion Realty and Fusion Realty's representative from delivering a service or task.

Being an independent Real Estate company, Fusion Realty's operates their property management and landlord services throughout Sydney, including but not limited to Alexandria, Green Square, Waterloo, Redfern, Surry Hills, Chippendale, Ultimo, Newtown, Enmore, St Peters Marrickville, Dulwich Hill, Stanmore, Petersham, Lewisham, Balmain, Randwick, Bondi, and many more. Give us a call you may be surprise to find that we already manage properties in your area.

Advertising Advantage Package

A set marketing fee, for advertising online plus signage, and access to our established tenant database.

Next: Advertising Preparation & Pictures...


Advertising Preparation & Pictures

Pictures and advertising copywriting are included.

Next: Automatic Lease Renewals...


Automatic Lease Renewals

At the end of fixed term lease, we will automatically approach your tenant for a new lease. This helps deliver a consist income.

Next: Automatic Rent Reviews and Increases...


Automatic Rent Reviews and Increases

As the market rents are constantly changing Fusion Realty will review the rental returns and increase rents when it is appropriate.

Next: Bill Payment Service...


Bill Payment Service As Instructed

We will pay utilities, council rates, water rates, strata levies, insurance premiums and any other bills that you direct us to pay.

Next: Collection Of Rent Monitoring Arrears...


Collection Of Rent Monitoring Arrears

The collecting of rent and monitoring of overdue rent with tenant notices upon their possible arrears.

Next: Court Appearance Fees...


Court Appearance Fees

A fee for attending court or obtaining a sheriff.

Next: Dedicated Landlord Hotline...


Dedicated Landlord Hotline

A dedicated phone number giving you immediate access to your property manager.

Next: End Of Month Itemised Statement...


End Of Month Itemised Statement

A detail financial statement itemising the income and expenditure over a one month period.

Next: Extraordinary Customised Service...


Extraordinary Customised Service

We are your Real Estate agent, and we act for the landlord, should their anything else not covered here please let us know so that we can customise a service for you.

Next: Expenditure & Income Report...


Expenditure & Income Report

A detail financial statement itemising the income and expenditure over a twelve month period.

Next: Flexible Payment Methods...


Flexible Payment Methods

Your property income payments, can be split into multiple accounts, or paid using different payment methods; i.e. EFT, cheque or other. You chose!

Next: Hassle Free Property Repairs...


Hassle Free Property Repairs

We take care of your property maintenance requirements from start to finish. We like to keep your property tenant ready.

Next: Lease Preparation Fee Discount


Lease Preparation Fee Discount

A discount on the cost to prepare a new lease.

Next: Mature Aged Property Manager...


Mature Aged Property Manager

A property manager who has been a landlord themselves. This means they look at property management through the eyes of a landlord, they understand the pain that landlords feel when a property is vacant, or a tenant is in arrears.

Next: NCAT Appearance Fees...


NCAT Appearance Fees

An appearance fee for attending NCAT formally the residential tenancy tribunal.

Next: NCAT Hearing Preparation Fees...


NCAT Hearing Preparation Fees

A fee for preparing documentation and evidence for a NCAT hearing.

Next: Online Landlord Resource Tools...


Online Landlord Resource Tools

Access statements, paid invoices, and other useful online tools 24 hours seven days per week.

Next: Processing Insurance Claims...


Processing Insurance Claims

If there is a need to lodge an insurance claim well do it for you.

Next: Property Inspections...


Property Inspections

We will check the condition of your property periodically.

Next: Strata Management Meeting Appearance...


Strata Management Meeting Appearance

On occasions it is important for an owner to attend a body cooperate meeting, we can be instructed to attend and be your proxy voting on important issues in your building.

Next: Tenant Selection Application Checking...


Tenant Selection Application Checking

We will check the information of tenants leasing property and run other back ground checks on them.