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Fusion Realty Property Management Services
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Property Management Services

Fusion Realty provides a range of specialised property management services for our landlords and property investors helping them increase their own private wealth while managing their property assets. Our rental department is a professional based business in its own right, and as such only Professional Property Managers are employed in our Rental Department. We have a long term commitment to excellence in service.

We cater and have specialised services for:

  • Individual property Investors and landlords
  • Multiple property investors and landlords
  • Private hotels and guest houses
  • Off shore or expats, and non resident landlords needing a complete real estate services

Fusion Realty will customise a property management service structure for your needs, while providing highly personalised professional service.

Communication & Priority Service Understanding

  • Landlords receive access to a direct dedicated telephone number for priority service that connects you to your property manager whether they are in or out of the office.
  • Landlords receive access to a dedicated email address for priority service that will send an email to your property manager whether they are in or out of the office.
  • Landlords have a senior property manager who is responsible for their investment property and understands what is like to own and lease real estate investment property because they have been or are property investors themselves.
  • Landlords have access to our combined customer service experience and real estate property management experience exceeding 20 years. Our property management experience can provide additional landlord assistance for:
Property Management Assistance
  • Land tax issues and land tax audits
  • Specialise mediation and or representation in residences tribunal (NCAT)
  • Specialise mediation and or representation in strata tribunal (NCAT)
  • Insurance claims
  • Property Valuations
  • Property Appraisal
  • Property Sales

Our Points Of Difference

Property Management NCAT Hearing

Being a landlord can be stressful, and you do not need a property manager adding to the stress by being difficult to get hold or not returning your calls. We go the extra mile for our landlords, and are the barrier between you and the tenants. We always work for our landlords and property investors first; this means the tenants are second, most agents forget this.

Our senior property management staff are or have been landlords themselves so they look at property management through a landlord or investors eyes. Many other real estate firms place younger property managers in charge of 200+ properties; they tend to look at property management through a tenants eyes having never owned a property of their own.

Quite simply; we get it. As a landlord, you want to rent your property out as quickly as possible for the best price. You want to avoid empty periods and guarantee a regular income. If you don't want to be bothered with the day-to-day management of the property, we'll sort all that out.

Why not give Fusion Realty a go? You can try our property management services for free which eliminates any risk to you. We can be flexible and design a property management agreement between us that will best suited your needs, call +61 2 88807686 now to speak to your furture property manager.

Even if you only want obligation free advice we may be able to point you in the right direction.
Whatever your property management issue is we could certainly help you.

We would be glad to help you; let us do the work, simply contact us now

Currently providing property management services in Redfern, Newtown, Balmain, Crows Nest, Glebe, Bondi, Alexandria, Randwick, Dulwich Hill, Enmore, and Marrickvile

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