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May 2015 Rental Growth Slow

On June 11 2015 CoreLogic released its RP Data monthly rental review for May 2015. It confirmed that in May 2015, rental rates rose at their slowest pace on record. The May data showed that capital city rents rose on an average of 0.1% in the month and only 1.5% over the year. Investors are not interested in rental returns but are simply targeting capital growth. Record low interest rates are enabling tenants to enter the property market, a long with the completion of new residential developments are contributing to the softening in the rental yields.

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60 Billion dollars worth of new apartments for Sydney

According to channel nines news on March 2015 Sydney is in the midge of high rise invasion has 60 billion dollars apartment firm that will change the look virtually every suburb. In just one year the number of high rise under construction has increase dramatically and there are many more. Source:

Article Link: 60 Billion dollars worth of new apartments for Sydney