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Fusion Realty vs. LJ

Property Management in Detail

Below is a case study and an outcome from NCAT Tribunal Hearing.

As part of Fusion Realty’s property management services we represent our landlords at NCAT which is the New South Wales Government legislated tenancy tribunal.

Please contact us if you have a property management issue or a tenant issue that you would like resolved.

In this case at the Tribunal the tenant was owing $1400 in rent she made multiple attempts to stall the tribunal and Fusion Realty by saying she would pay the money; even setting up a payment plan with the tribunal which was not kept to. The tenant was then subsequently ordered to move out of the property immediately, she did not. Fusion Realty’s efforts then had to be step up with the tribunal ordering the sheriffs to kick the tenant out of the premises. Fusion Realty went to the local court with the orders from the tribunal instructing the sheriffs to move the tenants out of the premises and change the locks, the tenant was not home so the sheriffs said to the locksmith to change the locks and they stuck notices on the front of the property. The tenant then tried to break into the property with their old key to no avail; they also attempted to threaten Fusion Realty to no effect. If Fusion Realty had not step into this situation a bad tenant could have become even worse quicker and more trouble may have been caused.