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Fusion Realty vs.Tenant known as MB

Property Management in Detail

Below is a case study and an outcome from NCAT Tribunal Hearing.

As part of Fusion Realty’s property management services we represent our landlords at NCAT which is the New South Wales Government legislated tenancy tribunal.

Please contact us if you have a property management issue or a tenant issue that you would like resolved.

In August 2016 Fusion Realty faced the tenant knowns as MB for the last time where the following orders were made by NCAT; MB was to pay the landlord $2234.15 as part of the break lease fee set out in the Residential Tenancy Agreement. Originally MB was trying not to pay any break lease fee but only outstanding rent of $1074.15 by making up excuses of hardship when there was no clear evidence of any hardship. MB also made attempts upon Fusion Realty staff members through intimidation tactics and with other false claims to the NCAT tribunal. In the end due to Fusion Realty’s persistence the landlord had won and was very happy with the outcome of the NCAT tribunal.
The tenant made many attempts to stall and frustrate both the NCAT tribunal and Fusion Realty by seeking adjournments, saying that her case was not adequately put to the NCAT Tribunal, the tribunal granted these adjournments and attempts to stall by 3 months. If not for Fusion Realty’s persistence an already bad tenant might have ran away without paying anything.