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Fusion Realty vs. WE & BH

Property Management in Detail

Below is a case study and an outcome from NCAT Tribunal Hearing.

As part of Fusion Realty’s property management services we represent our landlords at NCAT which is the New South Wales Government legislated tenancy tribunal.

Please contact us if you have a property management issue or a tenant issue that you would like resolved.

Following a quarterly property inspection the tenants were found to be subletting in a property without the landlords permission to 9 people, which could only fit 3-4 people, not only that the tenants were also collecting the rent money owed and running the place like a business. When faced in the Tribunal the tenants were ordered to be moved out of the property immediately and pay a percentage of the sum of the monies that they were collecting from the tenants they were subletting too. Another case of a bad tenant which was resolved by Fusion Realty.