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Vacating Notice, Terms & Conditions:

I/we understand that I/we am/are required to give 21 day's notice, under the terms of my/our Tenancy Agreement.
I/we understand that we are liable to pay rent to the landlord to the last day of the notice period or to the date that all property keys are returned to a Fusion Realty member in person. This means you will not post keys, leave keys locked in the property, or leave elsewhere other than handing them to a Fusion Realty Staff member. If you do so you will be charged locksmith fees for rekeying locks etc until Fusion Realty and the landlord are satisfied that the property is secure.

Request for Tenant Vacating Notice (End of Fixed Term)
Please provide vacate date
Please provide your street address
Please provide your first name
Please provide your last name
Please tell us the reason for vacating
Please provide a forwarding address
Please provide name for bank account
BSB Please numbers only
Please provide account Number
Please provide an Australian phone number
Please provide a valid email