Application Form 4/168 to 170 Botany Road Alexandria NSW

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    The weekly rent $430 and the bond is $1720
    I confirm the total amount needed to occupy this property is $2580 and will not be able to occupy the property unless the total amount is paid prior to the lease commencement

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    Share house arrangementPrivate LandlordReal Estate Agency


    (1.) By clicking the submit button and successfully submitting an online application via this webpage, you have accepted and agreed to the terms and conditions of this website, webpage and this online application form.
    (2.) Legal Capacity - The Applicant has the legal capacity to enter into the formal residential tenancy agreement ("Residential Tenancy Agreement") if the application is successful.
    (3.) Duration of Lease. I understand that the lease agreement is for a fixed term and that if I decide to leave the property before the end of the fixed term that I will be required to pay a break lease fee.
    (4.) I have provided true and correct information in this application. I understand that if the information contained in this application is found to be fraudulent at any time, then the agent or landlord may use this application in legal proceedings.
    (5.) Financial Capacity. I state that I have the Financial Capacity to enter into the formal residential tenancy agreement for six months or more and will be able to pay the rent now and throughout the fixed term agreement.
    (6.) I accept that the agent will not release the keys or grant occupation to the premises unless the total amount needed to lease or rent this property as shown on this application has been paid in full before the lease start date by the tenant.
    (7.) I have inspected the property and accepted the condition of the premise. The state of repair is acceptable for my occupation of the property and the commencement of the lease agreement.

    On 09/08/2022
    I confirm and agree to the above APPLICANT'S ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS and that the information provided by me is true and correct by ticking all the boxes and then submitting this application online.
    I accept the Privacy Act Acknowledgement contain within this application as outlined below
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    Privacy Act Acknowledgement

    In accordance with the Privacy Principal 1.3 of the Privacy Act we require you to read this Privacy Act Acknowledgement below and then confirm this acknowledgement above.
    The personal information the prospective tenant provides in this application or collected from other sources is necessary for the Agent to verify the Applicant's identity, to process and evaluate the application and to manage the tenancy.
    Personal information collected about the Applicant in this application and during the course of the tenancy may be disclosed for the purpose for which it was collected and to other parties including to the landlord, referees, other agents, Common Wealth or State Government offices, and third party operators of tenancy reference databases. Information already held on tenancy reference databases may also be disclosed to the Agent and or Landlord. If the Applicant enters into a Residential Tenancy Agreement, and if the Applicant fails to comply with their obligations under that agreement, that fact and other relevant personal information collected about the Applicant during the course of the tenancy may also be disclosed to the landlord, third party operators of tenancy reference databases and or other agents. If the Applicant would like to access the personal information the Agent holds, they can do so by contacting the Agent in writing. The Applicant can also correct this information if it is inaccurate, incomplete or out-of-date.
    If the information is not provided, the Agent may not be able to process the application and manage the tenancy.

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