Real Estate Property Investment.

 Finding an investment can be time consuming. Fusion Realty has the time and resources to overcome this challenge on behalf of their clients.  For many, investing in real estate it seems to be a dream investment.  Property investment offers an opportunity to gain equity and perhaps  generate cash flow. The late night “infomercial” gurus sell thousands of dvds, books, and seminars to those who dream of the good life brought through investing in real estate.  The reality of Real Estate investment, though, may be a bit different.  The late night “infomercial” gurus ensure that property developers stay in business buy offering new properties to naive first time investors at above market prices. They are reward well by the developers from the extra money you have paid above the market value.  

Why invest in Real Estate?
With so many investment avenues available it is a legitimate question.  The advantages of investing in property, as distinct from equities or cash are apparent in considering the following points.

  • Property provides an ideal diversification away from equities in that these asset classes tend to perform best at different stages of the economic cycle.
  • Ongoing cash flow is generally available from rental income.
  • The right real estate property is a relatively stable asset class.
  • Real Estate property allows significant potential for capital appreciation.
  • Real Estate Investment offers a medium to long-term investment horizon.
  • Historically Real Estate property has shown a consistent growth in value, even when some other investment choices were less stable.
  • If there is an increase in value and you are paying down your mortgage balance, its pretty simple: Your increase your equity in the property and add to your net worth. The nice thing about it, if you have purchased the property right and maintained it properly, your tenants, in effect, make your payments for you! In addition, there may be tax advantages available to you when you deal in a long term Real Estate Investment. Although there are definite limits to these potential advantages, they can be substantial. Consult a tax or legal professional to see how your situation would be affected. Finding an investment can be time consuming.

**This is not financial advice merely an opinion**

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