Types of Repair classification 

It is important to differentiate between the type of repairs and to understand your rights and obligations contained in the residential tenancy agreement.
Making a mistake could cost you time and money!

The Repair types to consider are
  1. Ordinary
  2. Strata
  3. Urgent & Emergency

Select Ordinary Your Repair Type

Plumbing Repair >
Select this for leaking taps, toilet, and hot water repairs.

Electrical Repair >
Select this for light switches, power sockets and smoke alarms for non strata properties.

Lock Repair >
Select this for faulty lock mechanisms on windows or doors. This not a key replacement service.  

Go to the emergency or urgent repairs page  >>

Ordinary repair.

This is the most common type of repair requested.
Examples of an ordinary repair are
Plumbing repairs, for example, leaking taps, toilets not flushing, and hot water repairs when you have a hot water heater located in or on your property.
Electrical repairs, faulty light switches, or power points, bulb holders and smoke alarms in a non-strata property. (Changing light bulbs and globes are the tenant’s responsibility)
Lock repairs, worn out, damaged or broken locks are ordinary lock repairs. (Lockouts, missing keys, are not an ordinary lock repair)

Strata Repair

Do you live in a strata property?
Generally, a strata property is in a townhouse, apartment, or unit in a complex with a body corporate.
If you live in a strata building, we now need to define what is a strata repair, or if the repair is an ordinary repair lodge through us. Strata repairs are:
• Smoke alarms
• Entrance doors to the property and the door closer. 
• Anything inside the ceiling (water leaks from above)
• Anything inside the walls. (Leaking Pipes) The owner must repair walls within the lot.
• Roller door or garage doors
• Balcony – Balconies are generally the responsibility of the owner’s corporation.

The most common fault is the smoke alarms.  Send a strata repair request by clicking here   >>

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