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About Reynaldo

Reynaldo is energetic and self-motivated. Living in Redfern Sydney he has built a reputation being straight forward and honest. Ray is a property management specialist with 8 years of Real Estate Industry experience. From time to time, Reynaldo also helps out the sales team.

Reynaldo experience combined with his in-depth knowledge of the tenancy laws makes him one of Fusion Realty’s top property managers; he has committed many years of loyalty, professionalism, and brings a strong management style combined with a hard work ethic to bring the best results for everyone.

Reynaldo believes that a high level of customer service should always be one of his top priorities in property management and thus, has gained the respect and admiration of many landlords, tenants and other Real Estate Industry professionals over the years.

Reynaldo not only is a valuable member to the Fusion Realty property management team but also one to the company, Reynaldo is looking forward to helping those in Fusion Realty’s sale team make an even higher level of customer satisfaction and service within the future he has at Fusion Realty

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